Games from Home
All of the children are more than welcome to bring games in from home, particularly hand held games that they enjoy linking up and playing against each other.

We do, however, stress that every single part of any game they bring in, i.e. console and GAMES, must be very clearly labeled with your child’s name. We cannot be held responsible for any missing games, although most lost items do eventually turn up.

Clothing/Name Labels
As you will be aware, children are very good at ‘misplacing’ things particularly when they are wearing the same uniform as twenty other children at Ferry Link Club. It is therefore very, very helpful for us if you label everything your child has from hats to shoes and everything in between.

We do have a lost property box but if you child’s name is on an item found we can let you know straight away and return it to you.

At Ferry Link Club we do try to have outdoor activities everyday, so if you would like to send your child in with a change of clothes so that their uniform does not get muddy or damaged please feel free to do so, and if you let us know that you have we can make sure that your child does actually get changed for you.