We are based at:
    Thelwall Parish Hall
    Bell Lane
    WA4 2SX
(In-between the Pickering Arms and the Manor pubs, opposite the Vicarage)
Within the Hall
Thelwall Parish Hall is a large multi-purpose building and the facilities include:
  • A large hall space, which we separate into different areas to allow boisterous games to take place separately from quieter activities and crafts
  • A smaller room used for computers, games and (during holiday club) watching DVDs
  • A large well equipped kitchen where all food is prepared on-site
  • Disabled access and toilet facilities
At the Parish Hall we have a large outdoor space which we try to use for many activities each day. We are also lucky enough to have two local parks and the Trans Pennine Trail all within walking distance, and we have a large water slide and bouncy castle to add to the fun!