While at Ferry Link Club our children are always so busy having fun that there is very little time to misbehave, however, on the odd occasion we have any problems we give the child a yellow card, to act as a first warning. If the child continues to misbehave they receive a second yellow card and have to sit out for 5 minutes. If a child still continues to misbehave they are told that we will have to speak to you the parent/carer on your arrival. HOWEVER, due to our ‘Treasure Box’ system and ‘Termly Prizing Giving’ we tend to have more children desperately trying to show to us how kind and helpful they are than we do little monkeys.

The Treasure Box
For any simple sign of good behaviour e.g.; fastening their own seatbelt, helping someone out, clearing away, playing nicely etc… a child will be asked to put the name in the ‘Treasure Box’. At the end of the week a name is drawn from the Treasure Box and the winning child receives a small prize.
Termly Prize Giving
Each week when the Treasure Box name has been drawn, the rest of the names are put into another box and at the end of the term a name is drawn from this box and the child wins a £5 voucher.